Party the Night Away in Vegas!

You’ve seen The Hangover, right? This movie, although it showcases the extreme version of events, it definitely highlights the madness that can happen in Vegas!
We recommend doing a bar crawl and hitting every nightclub you can while a guest in Vegas! When the sun goes down in Vegas, it becomes a very different place. Once inhabited by those looking to win a few dollars, it’s now filled with people partying until the wee hours of the night.
The club scene in Vegas is like no other, where VIP’s go to celebrate and there are no measures. If it’s a crzy party adventure you’re looking for, we recommend purchasing the All-Access Vegas Nightclub pass! The pass is a steal at just $NZD50 and gives the holder VIP access to every pub and nightclub in town. What’s even better, it allows you skip the queue on those important nights where massive world-renowned DJ’s are playing!

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