Searching for a Scare in Sin City; Ghost Hunt

They say Nevada is one of the most haunted states in America, with New Orleans, Louisiana stealing the spotlight. Embark on this spooky tour and learn about the ancient Wild, Wild West, where cowboys’ ghosts stalk the desert in search of vengeance.
The tour-guide is there to walk you through the dead of night and fill you with dread, revealing the dark past of the ghosts who’s souls are trapped in the Vegas deserts.
As a guest, the tour guide will help you wander through the chilling abandoned buildings including the old saloons and galleries. The Nevada desert was a vicious and unpredictable place, something you’re going to find out on this spooky tour!

Added bonus, is that while you’re on the tour, you’ll be treated to a meal, a goodie bag, and complimentary transportation. Unfortunately, due to its frightening nature, this is an over 18’s event only.

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