The Hottest Restaurants in Vegas Right Now!

When we say hottest, we don’t mean the highest temperature, or spiciest. What we’re talking about are the restaurants that are hitting the spot on every different level.
For lots of people, food is a big part of the holiday experience, and it’s something you’re going to enjoy immensely Vegas! Why? Well, first off, you’re in America. Those people love their food. Second of all, with such a high turn-over of visitors, the city has to cater to all needs and dietary requirements!
Our toplist of restaurants features something for everyone, so whether that’s fast food, gourmet or vegan, we’ve got something for all the family!
From there, our top picks for dining in Vegas, are;

1. Fries N’ Pies
2. Andiron Steak & Sea
3. Eatt Healthy Food
4. Mizumi
5. Le Pho
6. Bardot Brasserie
7. NM Café
8. VegeNation
9. Arby’s
10. Farm Basket

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